11 things a lactation consultant should know how to do

I couldn’t stop at just 10!

  1. How to suspect or diagnose lip ties, posterior and anterior tongue ties and refer your baby for immediate treatment.
  2. How to help you supplement without losing your supply, this includes use of at breast supplementers.
  3. Proper fitting of pump flanges
  4. Be able to give advice on formula if required
  5. How to measure approximate and appropriate milk intake in the infant
  6. Where you can rent or buy any equipment you will need-pumps, at breast supplementers, shells, shields etc
  7. Be able to diagnose a hypoplastic breast
  8. How to treat supply issues with herbs or medications (both under and over supply)
  9. Ways to use an at breast supplementer effectively not necessarily related to low supply. These are good for a variety of situations not related to low supply: cleft lip or palate deformities, babies with flow preference or low sucking ability, fixing nipple confusion, and of course supplementation.
  10. Management tips for large breasts, nipples, flat nipples and inverted nipples.
  11. Be willing to work with you before you have a baby!
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