SNS tutorial

Just a video tutorial I made. I’ve been using this thing several times every day for over 6 months so I’ve had practice. It’s a bit alarming having my boobies on the internet (when I’m not even sure I like having my photo on the internet), but I’d like to help people, and if this does, so be it.


Let’s expand on what I’m doing. Sorry, these posts often get written during nap times or during breaks at work, so I may go back and add things in. I try to have them complete as I send them out, but sometimes I just want them posted, like this video.

With the gravity driven system of the SNS having the tube in the middle of the top lip helps to limit the flow. With non-gravity driven systems like the tube-in-a-bottle a la Jack Newman, or the LactAid, side insertion may be more appropriate.

Other tips and tricks:

You can clamp the tubing (just pinch between fingers like kinking a hose as I show briefly in the video) periodically to simulate space between let downs.

Latching is done per normal, just need to make sure the tube gets in there as well. I found it helpful to bring the nipple up from below the mouth, hook the tubing into the mouth then bring the nipple back down past the nose (to get a wide open mouth) and shove it all in. Here is an ok video of latching with the SNS, though I feel she has too much tube past her nipple.

If you are experiencing sore nipples, don’t try to mix taping up your breasts with Lansinoh or other breast ointment. You’ll lose your tape to the ointment.

Experiment with water or formula before using your breast milk. Just so you know how to stop leaks, put the device on etc.

I always cleaned mine out as soon as I was done using it and had it ready for next time.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different tubing sizes (SNS) or different bag/bottle heights with any system.




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