And the update is…

So after catching up with the pediatric dentist I am confident of a few things. I can get treatment for future children locally. As I suspected it is something I need access to the referral network to get into, but I do know there is a private practitioner as well. Most of the people who do the diagnostic and surgical work for this sort of thing don’t actually practice privately, so I would have had no access to them without help. Which is why I didn’t find anyone when I looked 6+ months ago. I’m sure I can still fly to Auckland for laser dentistry if it’s a particularly deep cut that is needed, but I don’t have to.

Right now, the dentist advises us to wait until the pre school dental evaluation at around two years old. At that point I should advise the dentists of my concerns and we’ll be referred to an oral surgeon then. If they don’t see it, I’m free to go back to this private dentist. The dentists can diagnose, but they don’t do the cutting, they just refer. The main concern at present is kidling’s seeming inability to touch her top lip with her tongue. But as she grows that may improve, so once again, a wait and see approach because at this point, as I suspected, it is surgery. The dentist said that with tongue ties it’s best to do them early on as newborns and infants if possible or wait until they are older.  As such, the dentist thinks that a consultation now would not be helpful, but both dentists I’ve spoken to agree that it certainly sounds like a tongue tie and that function was impaired. So dentists- a good resource on your breastfeeding issue diagnostic journey.

I do feel a bit more confident about this and I’m certainly not going to hesitate bringing it up in the future. I feel like I’ve unraveled a tough knot, but there are still more to go.  Frustrated at this gap in knowledge by professionals, feeling minor tentative relief that I can fix this early on next time, still a knot of worry there that won’t completely go away just yet.

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  1. Hurray for moving forward!


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