An informal survey.

Going to try something a bit new. Blog posting from my phone. Yeah, I joined the ranks of smartphone-havers. I don’t even have a desktop any more.


So I have a lovely due date group of about 35ish women who were all due around the same time I was. Of these 35 probably about 30 are active enough for me to get an idea of their situation. I’ll just roll off some informal statistics.

At least 5 of us have babies that had posterior tongue tie and lip tie. 4 have had it revised by laser.

Another 1-2 have more traditional tongue ties.

At least 4 women have oversupply issues.

1 woman has had to stop breastfeeding because of unresolvable issues (oversupply and forceful OALD).

About 5 babies have reflux issues requiring medication.

About 6 of us are restricting our diets in some way to deal with reflux or intolerances.

2 women are dealing with secondary low supply. Both related to posterior tongue tie though compounded by other issues.

I’m the only one with primary low supply.

3-4 women are known to have PCOS. 1 has oversupply, 1 is dealing with secondary low supply. 1 might be me.

We are equally divided between boys and girls. 4 of the posterior tongue ties (and all the revised ones) are girls. There are about half first time mothers, and all but 4 of the rest (who are 3rd timers) are second time mothers. There is one set of twins. We range in age from 20+ to 40.